At the early age of six, Alek wrote his first song: a pop song for his sister. Being the son of an opera singer and constantly surrounded by music, little Alek himself used to sing classical music in festivals and theaters around Germany. Since then, and especially after debuting as ‘Alek Sandar’ in 2012, Alek has performed in many cities around the world, singing in stages such as Webster Hall and Terminal 5, New York, EWE Arena, Germany, NDK, Bulgaria and many more.
A true global citizen, Alek is born in Sofia, Bulgaria, raised in Germany, lived in Berlin, London, Paris, New York and LA. “When I graduated college, everyone expected me to become an economics guy since I had always had some of the best grades in school. But I decided to follow my dream and live life the way I want it. I decided to create music, perform, travel, shoot music videos. We only have one life!”, Alek says.

The talented musician kicked-off his career as a singer with “Creature In Me“, a high-fashion avant-garde project that stood out and quickly made him recognizable in his home countries Bulgaria and Germany. Alek released „It Ain’t Over“ and “You And Me” in 2013, two collaborations with Bulgarian superstar DESS a.k.a Desi Slava, who is considered to be greatest voices of contemporary Bulgarian music. In 2014, His single “Say That You Love Me” enjoyed international radio and TV airplay and charted in various European charts. Following a duet with Eastern European pop princess Andrea in support of Human Rights, and a series of international performances at festivals and clubs from London to Las Vegas, Alek moved to the United States in 2015 to release his sex-centric, instagram-infected dance anthem “P.O.R.N.” which features celebrity bombshell Amanda Lepore. Since then #YourLifeIsPORN has been storming the internet as people from all over the world sympathize with the song.

Alek Sandar is co-founder of the German Berlin-based music Splendid Sounds Records. In his early career as a music producer, he has worked for Universal Music, Payner Music, Citrusonic and many independent labels. Between 2010 and 2013, Alek Sandar produced the album “Beast“ for German recording artist Oscar Loya, remixed UK based musician Frankmusik, French artist Jérémy Amelin, Australian singer Kimbra and others.

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