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Alek Sandar directs a fashion film for his new song “Ocean”
Alek Sandar makes us dive in an ocean of love with his new track “Ocean”. The video clip is a summer fashion film shot in New York.

Music: Alek Sandar, Lyrics: Tara Laswell, Video Director: ALek Sandar, Cinematography: Peter Dmitryev, Art Director: Gerrold Vincent, Hair: Janice LaTorre

Alek Sandar – Say That You Love Me

People in Germany can view the video on VEVO only

“You and Me” is one of Bulgaria’s summer hits 2013 and features Dess / Desislava, one of Bulgaria’s greatest voices and most popular singers of all times. The song was released globally in September 2013 with a remix bundle including progressive house, deep house remixes and a Bulgarian version.
You and Me on Beatport

“It Ain’t Over” is a collaboration between Alek Sandar and DESS (DesiSlava). The song has been produced by team “Boyplay” in New York and enjoys a huge success in Bulgaria and other European countries since its release in November 2012.
It Ain’t Over on iTunes

Alek Sandar’s single I Adore You is a mix of tradition and future. The romantic, partly nostalgic melody is emphasized by a mixture of orchestrated live instruments along with saw basses and electronic effects. In the video, Alek is seeking his childhood love, lost in the streets of the big city. Both of them having in mind the youthful picture of romantic love, they fail to find the way back to each other. Their story culminates with the girl shooting a red balloon – a symbol of their dreams of a perfect love.
Next to melody, music production and lyrics, Alek Sandar is also creative director of the cinematographic clip shot in New York. “I Adore You” OUT NOW!

Alek Sandar’s Creature In Me is a modern approach to commercial club music; composed, written and produced by the talented young artist himself. Inspired by, and packed with, numerous infamous night life shining lights and artists from New York, Alek Sandar gives his debut as Creative Director in the official video clip. This fashion film videtorial features one of a kind designs, jewelry, shoes and costumes created by some of New York’s most high-end designers. The viewer is enchanted by Cirque du Soleil artists, international performers and a very special guest appearance by Yozmit. You can buy the single here

Having worked with and for multinational artists under the umbrella of Splendid Sounds, Alek Sandar embarks on a voyage that led him to his very core and resulted in the release of his first solo single Your Dream on his birthday in 2011. The single panders to never give up, to hold strong believes in oneself and to follow your own dream – irrespective of the odds and what the world might tell you to do.

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